Utilizing Social Media Effectively for Your Auction

You’ve picked the date, hired the right auction company, and established your venue (on-site or online). You have everything in place to create a successful auction, almost. Now, you’re ready to start marketing and promoting the event. As you do this through email marketing and strategically placed ads, consider how leveraging social media can help you promote the event, as well as reach a broader audience. Even if the auction company you hired is promoting your event on their social media channels, it’s a good idea to also do your own social media promotion.

As you begin, consider using all available social media platforms to reach various demographics, or at least the few you know your audience is using. The more channels you use, the more people you will be able to reach, but remember that this will mean the more content you will have to create. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram (or a combination of these) remember to start early as you promote the auction. A good idea is 6-8 weeks prior to the auction.

Consider creating a hashtag and if you do, use it often as you post about the auction. This can increase participation and engagement from your followers. It’s a good idea to post regular updates on all your social media channels, like the details of the event, any news about the company or equipment, as well as educational content. Keep the content regular and fresh, for example, consider drumming up excitement by creating daily posts counting down to the auction. Also, share relevant information that attendees will need like where, when, why, and what they can expect. Consider posting photos of available pieces of equipment, too. And when using Facebook, it’s a good idea to create a Facebook event page. There you can invite people, keep track of your RSVPs, remind people of the event, and share all relevant messaging.

During the auction promotion, it’s a good idea to include all your social media tabs and links in all emails you send, as well as on your website so your audience can click on any of the social icons to follow or like the business (and see the content you’ve been creating). And, consider creating an event landing page that will be a one-stop-shop for your audience to learn about the event. All social media promotion from your various platforms should work together to drive back traffic to this landing page. Then, during the auction, consider using Instagram or Facebook Live Video to constantly post updates of your event. This has been shown to boost engagement from your audience, and more engagement may mean more sales!

So, as you plan your auction, do not underestimate the power of social media in reaching your audience. The various social media channels will help you invite a broad base of people and get all relevant information and photos out prior to and during the event, all to create a successful auction.